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Can Meta’s ‘Threads’ break Twitter’s monopoly?

The ‘Threads’ microblogging app launched by Meta on July 5, 2023 has created the record of fastest growing consumer app. It is fastly emerging as the first real threat to Twitter, which is struggling nowadays to hold its users post Elon Musk takeover.  The new app is poised to break Twitter’s monopoly in micro-blogging space. CLICK TO READ

LAdani Bubble Burst? From Global Rank 3 to 21 in Just Ten Days Adani Bubble Burst? From Global Rank 3 to 21 in Just Ten Days

Metaverse or metaverse for Facebook

Recently, Meta (formerly Facebook) went for mass layoffs of 11,000 employees in its 18-years history. Why this happened? Was it due to Zuckerberg’s obsession with and overspending in its disastrous metaverse project gone wrong?
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tata acquiring air india
Tata’s Acquisition of Air India – A Strategic or an Emotional Decision?

About the post:
In less than a year, Google has been fined thrice with a total massive amount of $1 bn (over Rs 7,000 cr) in France. Was Google fined due to political reasons or for adopting unfair business practices or something else? This article will let you know the reasons behind the penalties imposed on Google in France.

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